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Find Your Pace

If you’re like me (and you must be at least a little, if you’re walking the path to PIE), you are a highly motivated, self-starting individual. You have an unending drive for success. You are tenacious. You have a tendency to go-go-go, until you attain your goals. The word stop just isn’t in your vocabulary. […]

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Knowing The Law

You hear about it almost every day. Another company faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, brought forth by a former customer or employee. Another business owner facing charges for illegal practices (more often knowingly than not). Now fortunately, as a small business, your chances of being waylaid with a gigantic seven figure lawsuit are extremely […]

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We’ve talked before about the need to build your company out so that you’re doing more earning, and less working. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a business venture that will quickly get you where you want to be is the notion of scalability. Originally an electronics term, scalability is the capacity […]

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