Keep Your Dreams Alive!

Do you have dreams that you would like to pursue but have never been able to figure out how?

You Are Not Alone.

It seems that in today’s fast-paced, every-second-micro-managed society everyone is facing the same challenges;

  • time constraints;
  • insufficient funds, and;
  • day-to-day commitments such as family, work and social obligations.

These are just a few of the obstacles most people face when trying to create a plan for a better life. 

With most people working just to make ends meet, never mind putting money away in emergency savings funds or debt-repayment plans, it can not only become overwhelming but defeatist as well. Not having enough money to better your life or even pursue interests outside of work can lead from stress to full blown anxiety.

Is There a Smarter Way to Stop Stress Dead in its Tracks and Develop a Plan to Financial Fulfillment?

Work smarter, not harder has been a golden mantra for many people, but how attainable is it in actuality? Most people are living pay cheque to pay cheque, with what they earn barely covering expenses. Then you factor in the debt that seems to be automatically incurred from living even the most humble of lives – schooling, housing, childcare costs, transportation. Either you go into debt for these things or you pay for them on a continuous basis.

Everyone has a theory on the plenty of ways to get more money. Here are just a few examples of common suggestions:

  • Go back to school for a better paying job in a field that is in higher demand.
  • Get a second job to earn more income.
  • Make investments.
  • Borrow from friends or family.
  • Take out a loan from a bank or secondary lending institution.
  • Start your own business.

But how realistic are these options when you look a little closer at the logistics? Most of these will incur extra costs or require going further into debt. Investments are risky if you are not educated. Moreover, are your friends and family in a better position than you are financially? If your end goal were to have extra money to pursue dreams, most of the common suggestions on how to earn extra money would actually devour any spare time that you would have had.

That brings us to time, how important it is, and feeling like there isn’t enough of it. Like I always say, “If you want more TIME FREEDOM, do the things to have more TIME FREEDOM”

Time is a person’s most valuable asset and it is not reusable, so it is essential to make the most of free time by using it to earn more of it. The best way to do that is by creating and having a residual income. There are three ways to earn money: working, investing and residual. Working is the hardest because of the time it consumes, which again, is limited. Investments, as mentioned above, are risky unless you are familiar with them. Of the three, residual is the optimal choice as it translates into doing the work once and then being paid for it indefinitely.

For those of you who do not know, I created the world’s first global online crowdfunding system in 2002, and then improved on the concept by creating the world’s first cooperative crowdfunding system. Between my expertise in crowd sourced funding initiatives, my insightful views on time and my philanthropic nature, CoopCrowd was developed, to allow people to help others while they help themselves.

Take a closer look at CoopCrowd today to see how you can not only pursue your dreams, but also help others to pursue theirs.