Financial Security

Financial Security, David T Rosen, Marketing Expert

Are You Financially Secure?

Financial security. Sadly, this is a very abstract concept for many in today’s society. Most of us work just to make ends meet. Some of us are just barely living pay cheque to pay cheque. For others it is much worse.  A lot of people find that even the wages they earn do not support their basic needs and they seek help from businesses that claim to want to help. Businesses that offer payday loans, high interest loans, or short-term loans that in reality, are just taking advantage of those that find themselves in desperate situations through no fault of their own. In seeking this kind of help, people find themselves trapped in a never-ending cycle where there is never enough time or money to catch up.

Anyone, at Any Time is at Risk of Being Replaced

Jobs are increasingly hard to find, with more and more becoming automated. Technological Unemployment is a very real concept. Defined in Oxford Reference as ‘unemployment due to technical progress’ – this concept directly affects the types of employees that offer a skillset that has been made redundant by changes in the way an item is produced or a service is conducted, often with a technical item or process as substitute. Years ago, it was automated machines that were the threat, but with the speed and efficiency in which software and AI intelligence is being developed, it is no longer the factory line assembly worker that should be fearful because a robot can work longer hours for less cost. Anyone, at any time is at risk of being replaced by an automated system. The evidence is as simple as how hard it is to connect with an actual person when you are calling any business or institution. 

Are Emergency Savings Really a Luxury that Most People Can’t Afford?

Emergency savings seem to be a luxury that most people can’t afford to budget for, along with vacation funds, home improvement funds, education funds and the like. The norm now is to work to cover expenses and get a loan for anything else, thus acquiring heavy debt loads all in the guise of pursuing financial security, or even more ironic financial freedom. Want to invest in your future? There are even borrowing programs for you to invest money you don’t have in.

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