The Journey of Going Nowhere Fast…

Everyone is Working to Go Nowhere Fast

The anxiety our society is facing these days is hard, heavy and unavoidable, especially when one factors in how hard everyone is working to go nowhere fast. Never mind saving for a vacation, or for an emergency! Most people work to cover expenses, or worse yet, work to pay off debt, while incurring more debt because they can’t afford their day to day expenses.

Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Instead of budgeting for a better brighter future, life has become cyclical; work, eat, sleep, repeat. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford food, and aren’t obligated to work multiple jobs just to keep your head above water.

Expenses will never go away. They are a fact of living. Your working income will never be enough. The government and corporations can’t help because they are either fighting the same battle on a larger scale, or don’t want to help because you, as an individual, at the end of the day, are a diminutive cog on an elephantine machine.

There are plenty of ways to earn extra income but they either require incurring more expense (like schooling costs, additional transportation cost or childcare fees), more of your precious time (working several jobs) or they are risky (investments or get-rich-quick schemes, that more often than not turn out to be a scam).

Your Most Valuable, Nonrenewable Resource is Time

Time is your most valuable, nonrenewable resource, when it comes to earning money, should be used only to earn more time. Of the three ways to earn money: working, investing, or residual, there is a clear and obvious best choice.

Working regular jobs eats your time, which, again is not replenishable. Investing, as mentioned above, unless you are educated, can be a seriously risky undertaking, which leaves residual. Residual means you do the work once and then get paid for it indefinitely. 

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