My name is David Rosen….and I’ve been self-employed for the last 30 years, helping thousands of people around the world create their own successful home-based businesses and change their lives forever. At last count, I’ve engaged the loyalty of close to 400,000 people in over 100 countries and helped put over one half a billion dollars into their pockets.

If this sounds like I’m bragging, well, maybe I am… just a little! I’d be lying outright if I didn’t acknowledge that my accomplishments were achieved during a time when most said they couldn’t, and, admittedly, I have made my share of mistakes. In fact, it was about 10 years ago when I was so broke that I couldn’t even afford to take my daughter to McDonalds! But, as everyone in my life will tell you, I’m just one of those stubborn guys who always have trouble taking “NO” for an answer, and the results, as they always do, speak for themselves.

So, yes dear reader… I am proud of my success, but more importantly, heartfelt and humbled with gratitude for the opportunity to share it with so many people around the world. And it is truly an honour to have the choice to be surrounded with people, who like myself, have always wanted their piece of the pie and were unafraid to work hard and ask for help to get it

But it wasn’t always this way….

I left school before I received my grade 12 diploma and decided to start my own sales and marketing business. I thought I knew it all, except for one minor detail – I had no money to put into the business! So, on my mother’s sound advice, I put my big-shot ideas onto the back-burner and quickly took the first job I could find.

It was during those 3 months that I learned a very important lesson — I realized that just having a job and working for someone else would not make me rich.

  • I quickly came to understand that, for me, I could not work in a structure that limited my imagination and desire to succeed
  • I needed the space to be creative, the humility to fail and the experience to learn from those failures.

I then heard of a company that was about to introduce stored-value debit cards to Canada (They had been available in other countries for many years) so I somehow convinced them to give me a non-exclusive distribution agreement. Details aside, my approach turned out to be a great success and paid me well enough to let me to step back and look at the landscape of opportunity ahead.

It was in 1987 when I discovered Network Marketing. This was a time when the possibilities of the internet were still in their infancy and relatively unknown to most people.  However, I had been ‘exposed’ to some pretty radical thinking (for the times) and could see the massive potential. Without a doubt, there was huge money available to be made, but I wasn’t comfortable with a profound and underlying truth which became readily apparent as my involvement deepened.

It seemed that EVERY deal I was introduced to was made for a person who possessed acute business skills, was well-organized and not afraid to speak to large groups of people. It was also for people who had enough cash to advertise and fund them for several months while they grew their business. On the surface, the concept looked great, but in reality, most people couldn’t survive and only a handful of people were actually making money. The obvious imbalance and unfairness was hidden well by an elaborate language of smoke and mirrors.

What really troubled me deeply was the fact that many folks were taking ill-advised loans from the banks, jeopardizing friendships – they were misled into believing they could do what the people at the front of the room were doing. They were sucked into the dream and then left to forge on their own because they weren’t trained and didn’t have a plan.

I decided I wanted no part of that and set about to change the industry. I knew in my heart that Network Marketing, when done right, could be the greatest opportunity in the world and be the right solution for the masses, and not just the few. With limited resources and by the seat of my pants, I began to work and put my vision into a reality.

My first system launched in 2002 and it was a massive success, creating a global juggernaut as 44,000 people joined in the first 3 months. But, it was my first system and it had several flaws, so I made it better, and then made it better again, and made it better again and…

Now in 2011, I am proud to say that I believe I have created the perfect system!

One that will allow everyone Regardless of where you live, your marketing skill set or your current financial status the opportunity to get out debt and live your life the way you choose!

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