Greetings Everyone! It is my privilege to utilize this platform to share my experiences.

David T RosenEntrepreneur, Mentor and Philanthropist

Greetings Everyone! It is my privilege to utilize this platform to share my experiences.

Inspired Disruptor, David T Rosen


Inspired Disruptor, David T Rosen

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Inspired Disruptor, David T Rosen


Inspired Disruptor, David T Rosen


Inspired Disruptor, David T Rosen


My entrepreneurship journey began at the young age of 9, in Toronto, Ontario where I had a snow shoveling “business” and a couple of years later I had a paper route. Similar to the majority of entrepreneurs across all realms, I have encountered an abundance of obstacles along the way. In my case, I can transparently say that I have experienced more failures than success, however, I would not trade a single failure that I have been met with, as each one has come bearing lessons.

Throughout my life, I have come to learn the importance of role-models, mentors to look up to – those who we can aspire to be one day if we do “the work.” Fortunately for me, my primary mentors and role-models were my parents, Peggy and Larry; they equipped me with all of the ingredients that I required to move forward in my life. From them, I learned the importance of possessing a strong moral compass, what it means to be resilient, to keep my word and to embody the definition of both strength and determination. My parents also instilled in me to never take “no” for an answer, as the impossible is just waiting to be done. Some may say that that’s a downfall of mine, however, I view it as one of my greatest attributes.

Amidst my success, as I had mentioned previously- I have also experienced a multitude of what some would consider to be, failures. In 2001, I had become homeless due to the strain of having to pay lawyers to fight for the right to see my daughter and poor business decisions. My daughter has always been my number one priority. In 2002, I created the world’s first peer-to-peer global exchange system and became a multimillionaire by 2003.

I found myself homeless again December 19, 2017 because of a lengthy illness that began in 2012. I had to suffer the indignity of having the sheriff change locks and remove me from my home. I had no money left and was forced to reside in an Airbnb, then on September 4, 2018, my wife left me, I was 6 weeks behind in the AirBnB I was staying at (he trusted me and was paid back) and owed over $600,000 – I survived on my last asset – HOPE! On September 6, 2018, a trusted friend lent me $4,000 and by February 2019 through the use of my own systems, I paid off all my debts and was a multimillionaire again.

I am bringing this to your attention, to acknowledge the fact that I too have experienced personal setbacks, business failures, health issues, however, as long as you believe in yourself then you realize that each time you get knocked down is simply another lesson.

I dropped out of high school before I received my high school diploma and was on a mission to build my own sales and marketing business at 17. I was and still am of the belief that school is not designed for everyone. School will always exist; however, school does not necessarily foster an environment to learn all dimensions that the world has to offer. Some individuals need to learn on their own, in their own ways and return to some form of education later in life, should they decide to so, alternatively, self-education is lifelong. Anyhow, low and behold, after dropping out of high school, I soon realized that I could not build a business with no money to my name, who would have thought, right? Once I discovered this conundrum, I eagerly took the first job that I could find. I tirelessly maintained my first “real” job and recognized within three months, that I could not work within a structure that constricted and limited my imagination, my creativity, my desire to succeed and most importantly, could not provide me the space that I required to fail and learn in correlation.

Some key accomplishments:

In 1985, I created the Loyalty Card, which now virtually every service-based business uses globally such as; banks, credit card companies, brick and mortar retail and online businesses, are now utilizing. For instance, various platforms inclusive of Shopify, Amazon Prime, Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws, Airmiles, Starbucks and Citibank etc., all have rewards-based loyalty programs and guess who generated and developed the whole idea? This guy! The majority of all consumer-based services worldwide, have implemented a loyalty program to reward and excite their customer base, which in turn creates and maintains repeat clientele, encouraging spending longevity.

In 1995, I believe that I created the world’s first Internet Mall, having over 1,000 retail outlets offering discounts to my customers.

In 1987, I was introduced to Network Marketing (MLM) and I was able to recognize the potential that it could have in regard to generating an income, being able to grow exponentially. During this time, I realized that many individuals were taking ill-advised loans from the banks, jeopardizing friendships and being pulled into “dream-selling” schemes, left to forge on their own due to lack of mentorship, education and the implementation of solid financial plans. Through observing all of the chaos surrounding Network

Marketing, I knew that I could create a better model, one that could be beneficial worldwide and provide a financial solution for the masses.

Following my success throughout the 80’s and 90’s…

In 2001 I created what is now called crowdfunding – and implemented the world’s first online global peer to peer money exchange system and in the first three months over 44,000 people joined, ultimately resulting in over 1,000,000 individuals receiving $1,000,000,000 USD in over 170 countries. Now, thousands of corporations, individuals and even governments worldwide are utilizing my systems ideologies to raise funds for everything! Facebook, GoFundMe, PayPal, Barack Obama, Whoopi Goldberg and Sylvester Stallone have turned to crowdfunding to support various relief funds internationally.

Now in 2020, I am preparing to execute what I believe will be my greatest global impact- CoopCrowd. CoopCrowd is the world’s first Cooperative Crowdfunding System. I believe that I have created the perfect income system, which is designed to help individuals, charities and businesses raise money for everything!

CoopCrowd can assist people escape poverty, help all forms of not for profits, charities and businesses cooperatively raise money for everything, enabling individuals from all walks of life enjoy their full measure of happiness. It has entirely redesigned everything about how and what you can use crowdfunding for, utilizing the universal laws of giving, sharing and receiving.

CoopCrowd turns givers into receivers for the first time ever!

We have entered what I call “The Cooperative Age”, an age where we will rely on each other and we will cooperatively help each other achieve our individual goals. Companies that fit The Cooperative Age are Uber, Airbnb and eBay, as they were designed to allow individuals to earn an income where none existed before. Get ready, the 20’s are going to be a game changer!

And remember, “Happiness Happens on Purpose!”