Quality of Life. Does Quality Even Exist Anymore?

How Much Quality of Life Can One Expect?

Financial freedom used to be a dream that many people aspired to, now it seems it is more of an unrealistic fantasy. Regular jobs aren’t even covering basic expenses, meaning that incurring debt is unavoidable. How much quality of life can one expect when, instead of working towards goals, they are working only to meet current financial obligations and pay off past debt? 

Anxiety Has Become the Social Norm

And stress…so much stress. Anxiety has become the social norm and how could it not be?  Between all work and no play, the simple cost of living and debt burdens that people are facing every day – it seems that there is no room for anything else but worry these days.

Are You Playing the Odds?

As an alternative, and a break in the day-to-day monotony that is caused by living pay cheque to pay cheque, people fantasize about winning the lottery. For a couple minutes a day when they spend their hard earned money playing the odds (that are so very obviously stacked against them) – the average person can daydream about enjoying a life that is debt free, stress free and having unlimited time to pursue passion.

What if that daydream could turn into a tangible thing? Moreover, that one could achieve personal financial freedom without relying on a system where the actual odds of winning are astronomically impossible.

But first, let’s speak to buying into the lottery for a moment – it costs money. And, as mentioned above, people are struggling just to make ends meet, but still seem to be able to find a spare dollar here and there to play.

What if, instead of paying a dollar to think about a dream, a person could pay a dollar to achieve a dream?

Crowd sourcing, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is a way to raise small amounts of money from a big group of people who are willing to donate to a cause. Causes can include virtually anything, with the three main realms being personal, charitable, and business.

Twice the Number of Cooperatives Likely to Survive the First Five Years of Being in Business

A cooperative is an enterprise where a group of people gather together to work towards a common goal with the desired end result being the betterment of the group as a whole for economic, societal, or cultural reasons. Cooperative businesses have been proven to be generally more financially resilient than other types of business ventures, as demonstrated by the fact that twice the number of cooperatives (80%) are likely to survive the first five years of being in operation vs traditional business models.

Discover how to make financial freedom more than a dream. Expect a better quality of life and work towards goals instead of working to survive.  See how CoopCrowd can help you and many others while utilizing the world’s first cooperative crowdfunding system.