Great Planning and Positive Thinking

Great Planning and Positive Thinking

Everything begins with a story – including success. What starts out as a thought process in a person’s mind develops into an internal dialogue and then eventually into a well thought out story. But great planning and positive thinking will only get a person so far.

A common mistake many make when creating their story is not allowing others in to help.

What if there was a way to create your own success story and help others do the same?

No man is an island.”

-John Donne

CoopCrowd is an amazing platform, in fact it is the world’s only system of its kind, that marries crowdfunding with a cooperative to allow people to raise funds for anything they want, anytime, anywhere.

This unique system offers several distinct advantages that singular crowdfunding platforms cannot.

CoopCrowd Works Better

Whether the goal is to raise funds for personal, charitable or business reasons, CoopCrowd works better in every situation because it also enables the ability to turn givers into receivers by employing three Universal Laws:

  • Give
  • Share
  • Receive

Understanding how this system is different is as simple as understanding what the two main concepts behind the platform are, how they work and why the union between the two means a more efficient functioning system than traditional crowdfunding:

  • Crowdfunding – An alternative source of raising money, crowdfunding is a way to generate money by raising small amounts of funds from a large number of persons, generally through the world wide web.
  • Cooperative – A cooperative is group of people that come together to work towards mutual goals, be they economical, societal or cultural, with the end result being the betterment of the group as a whole.

The union of these two concepts make CoopCrowd a more efficient functioning system. Because it is a cooperative, each splitting donations to assist as many as ten causes instead of just one at a time. A member is never alone in their fundraising attempts, and as little as three personal active donors can propel an individual member towards a course that will allow them to raise all the money they are pursuing.

If a person requires money of a modest amount to clear up debt, or a larger amount to start a long dreamed after business venture, CoopCrowd is the place to turn for help. Through the proprietary system that is offered, it is possible for an individual to get assistance from ten generations below them, which will inevitably result in the receipt of thousands of small donations every day, indefinitely. And even better, that individuals’ donations can go to help a multitude of causes above them.

Everything begins with a story – especially success. Great planning and positive thinking will only get a person so far on their own – let CoopCrowd help make the story a great one.