Give-to-Get and the Business Power of Cooperatives

Give-to-Get and the Business Power of Cooperatives

In my article, Working with Charities, I expand on the fact that although most people do a good deed for the simple act of having helped, if examined further these types of feel-good actions can actually benefit a business in lot of ways.  Some returns are obvious, like tax deductions, but other rewards are not so obvious; like cross-promotions and marketing value.

An Inherently Philanthropic Desire to Better the World as a Whole

This article and many others concerning topics like personal growth and leadership, demonstrate profound knowledge of the inner workings of business and business psychology, but more importantly an inherently philanthropic desire to better the world as a whole

A Closer Look at an Innovative System

For those unfamiliar with the concept of cooperatives, let’s take a closer look at why this system is so innovative: A cooperative is defined as a group of people that come together to meet shared economical, societal and cultural goals through a mutually-owned enterprise. Cooperatives consistently demonstrate a vastly more resilient nature economically than traditional ventures, thus making them something immediately viable for both now as well in the long term.

The cooperative crowdfunding system facilitates the ability to generate funds in three different areas:

  • personal;
  • charitable, and;
  • business.

These points translate to unlimited, stable, versatile fundraising opportunities.

Revolutionary crowdfunding system,, not only corresponds nicely with the give-to-get principal, but utilizes it by allowing for everyone to raise money for essentially everything, anywhere in the world. Using the fundamental theory of cause and effect – a person attracts the energy that they put out into the universe:

  • Give
  • Share
  • Receive

Putting these items into action while using an original system like that offered by CoopCrowd, it allows givers to become receivers.

Harness the Power of the Give-and-Get Concept

The mission of CoopCrowd clearly states that they “ensure every individual, every business and every not-for-profit in every part of the world receives the systems, tools, and supports they need to create sustainable sources of income to fund their every want and need.”

The fund one, fund all approach means that each contribution can fund many causes.

Harness the power of the give-and-get concept and the business power of cooperatives to see how doing a little can ensure everyone can receive a lot.