A New Year, A New Beginning

Well here we are my friends, the penultimate day of 2020. It’s been quite the year for my team and I. I launched this blog way back in March, 2019 (which I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading, and will continue to enjoy for years to come), traveled overseas several times, had the opportunity to attend the Toronto International Film Festival (which was a blast), and have hopefully accomplished much in my goal to set as many of you out there on the path to maximizing your Personal Independent Earnings as possible.

Many of these were goals that I set out to accomplish this year, and I did. But with 2019 about to take its final breath, it’s time for me, and all of you out there reading this, to turn our eyes towards 2020, and all the opportunity it holds.

So, what are you doing for 2020?

When this time of year rolls around, I like to take a look back at everything I tried over the past year. What worked, what didn’t, what could have worked with a little tweaking, etc. This is my starting point for what I’d like to accomplish over the next year. Perhaps bad timing led to a venture failing. Perhaps another factor. I like to sit down, evaluate these factors, and see if trying again is worthwhile. Once that’s done, I take a look at various trends to see if there’s anything that jumps out as looking like a good business opportunity. To give an example, the impending launch of Blackberry Key 1 and 2, which will either make or break Research In Motion, looks promising. But is it too little, too late? This is something I would have to look at in great detail, think about, see how it makes me feel, and then go from there.

But that’s just new opportunities. What about my existing ventures? Now is the time to look at those, and see if there’s room for growth, changes, or if something needs to be scaled back.

A new year is a time to start new. To start fresh. To make old ventures new again, and bring entirely new ones to the table. That’s what I’ll be doing, and I highly suggest all of you, my faithful readers, do the same.

Happy New Year everyone, and see you in 2020!