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David T Rosen talks MLM

phentermine diet pills south africa Hi, I’m David T Rosen, and it is my privilege and honor to use this space to share my experiences as an entrepreneur and business leader. I’m quite busy, as you can imagine, but I like to stop in here from time to time and post my thoughts about life, business, and the ongoing transition […]

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Practice Makes Permanent

phentermine mic shots We’ve all heard the cliche “practice makes perfect”. And it can, if you’re doing it right. But it’s not necessarily going to make things perfect. In fact, it might not be helping you at all. Consider a golf swing. You can work on it over and over, day after day, but if you’re simply replicating […]

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Clear Beats Clever

phentermine oily stool Everybody loves a clever marketing campaign. You’ve certainly seen a catchy ad on TV or in the newspaper before, and during the Super Bowl companies often compete to have the most eye-catching and memorable commercial. It’s great fun. But is it helpful? Do you remember the most clever ad from the last Super Bowl? I […]

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Getting Along

phentermine 4mg Working together with a partner or a team can have great benefits for any business: more hands available to get work done, more eyes open for opportunities and pitfalls, and more brains pitching ideas and coming up with solutions. Building a strong team and leading new team members to greater success is also personally rewarding […]

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