Overcoming Setbacks

Through the vast experiences in one’s life the occurrences of setbacks is futile, as life’s experience is a reflection in the reality that life is not linear. What we choose to do in taking the necessary steps towards overcoming these obstacles is what can exceptionally change our lives.

The diligence it takes to conquer life’s knockdowns is the exact persistence we must make routine in preparation for when such incidences happen.

Character becomes the foundation of how we continuously persevere, our perspective is the hedge between triumph and remaining in prolonged defeat as our habits hold the guarantee of success.

Knowing Who You Are

  • In every life pursuit the foundation in which we stand on determines the result in which we persevere. Who you are will establish your success. In preparation of establishing new patterns, analyze your least strongest traits and be mindful in those incidents when they overtake your strongest qualities. Living in the now will aid in the upheaval of adversity. Ask yourself, “what can I do today?”. Hone in and focus on what can be done to the best of your abilities with the time that you have each day. Self-reflect on what you have already accomplished and remember that you have achieved your goal due to your willingness to have confidence in who you are at the core.

Adjusting the Details

  • Be open to change. Whether it’s in the revision of a project plan, the modification of a financial goal or a refined personal boundary, being adaptable will take you a couple of steps ahead. We often set out with detailed plans of how we expect or want our aspirations to pan out, but the truth is being restricted by the attributes of life that we cannot control is bound to set us back even more when challenges arise. Welcome growth in the midst of frustration. More times than not our purpose behind what we desire reminds us that details are a part of the bigger picture, thus making them expected to be readjusted.

Perspective is Key

  • When faced with difficulties in life the challenge to keep a positive attitude in a calm mind state is a prominent factor which we often overlook. It is in these exact moments where a positive mindset is the most important. To build the habit of daily encouragement, daily affirmations and daily reminders of purpose helps to quiet any negative thoughts and doubts that will alter us off track. In those moments of defeat, remember why you started, find the opportunity for growth and continue to build the habit of an optimistic outcome perspective.

Embrace Help

  • Moments of feeling overpowered by our circumstances can result in thoughts of being alone in the process. One of the best ways to support ourselves is to embrace the support of others. Any action or word of support can improve our situation by a landslide. During my times of adversity each time the love and care that was shown has taken me out of affliction and elevated me to a higher level. Whether the scale of offerings is in the form of emotional support, mental encouragement or financial help our support system and close relationships can offer us the extra push we need to come out on the next side.

Mange Your Habits

  • We all have habits that lead to our success and habits that can be reflected on and changed for the betterment of our happiness. Observing what we had control over when being met with setbacks can help us to avoid future occurrences. Focus on what factors you can manage, attain more information in which ways can help you to improve on specific aspects. When emotion takes heed, acquire a space for taking time to feel what it is that you need to process first, and then redirect that energy into an outcome focused perspective.

Take grace in strides through difficult moments in life. Though setbacks are futile, our preparation in how we handle certain situations can help remind us of who we are, what we’re striving for and how we take accountability to reach our limitless opportunity for success.