To Be An Ally

In a world of unity, what really defines the word of action is the conscious effort in which we hold ourselves accountable.

To be an ally is to be a part of the force of change. As change is gradually implemented through the unlearning and relearning of what it means to be an equality-based society.

The accessibility to resources is more attainable than ever before! One of the greatest assets to learning in this digital age is right at our fingertips. One of the biggest impactful ways to thrive on the foundation of humanity is to help one another.

Provided the spaces we have been given is to help provide more opportunities and spaces for those who have a difficult time attaining them due to barriers such as, discrimination, financial and personal struggles and lack of opportunity.

“Do you begin each day resisting or assisting your financial future”? David T Rosen 2015

Allies, as defined by, can be defined as, “a person, group, or nation that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose”. Why not come together and unite for the cause of equality. Why not help and support each other to thrive.

To give voices to marginalized people who have historically paved the way for many in all fields and aspects of life is to create a significant difference in the fight for human rights.

An inclusive and realistic perspective gives way to numerous ideas and action based initiatives that can transform a misrepresented system of views. Lack of opportunity is the result of lack of accountability and an abuse of power. And those in power must be held accountable.

We all must be willing to teach and to be taught, as knowledge is an ever-growing revolution. What must be taught is the purpose and value of perspective, yes, for respect of others, but as well for the simple fact that we exist.


With the change of perspective comes the change of our perspective on money and what we can do with it. Financial freedom is one aspect of life the majority of us all work towards.

To be in control over our lives is to be in power and to be free. The road to financial freedom doesn’t have to be an obstacle done alone. Whether you’re providing for your family, a student, an entrepreneur or an organization to be alleviated by stress can be done with collaboration and cooperatively.

To help someone financially is to provide life changing conditions and a decrease in future generational challenges. To work collaboratively offers the next person a chance at succeeding in life.

To be an ally is to simply be an individual rooted in respect with the willingness to unlearn previous principles and be taught new values. Let’s hold ourselves accountable and consider how we can impact each other’s lives in the most positive way.