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Helping Out

phentermine best place to buy I was watching the news yesterday morning about how a Canadian corporation was helping out the victims of a recent storm that struck Canada. They were handing out hundred dollar food cards to help those who lost food in the power outage; however, they ran out and many people didn’t get cards even after waiting […]

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A Fresh Start

rash from taking phentermine The New Year’s resolution is an ancient tradition, and it remains extremely popular to this day. Of course, keeping up with those resolutions is a lot harder than making them! That’s alright though; it’s worth making the effort. The truly important part is the recognition of the role that awareness plays in self-improvement. By thinking […]

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Happy Holidays

phentermine causes fertility We live in a fast-paced, hectic world. There are so many factors shaping our lives and pulling us in different directions. As a result, there is a unique and special joy that comes from taking a day to enjoy the company of your family. For many people, today is that day. I have been fortunate […]

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Celebrating Success In The Age Of PIE

phentermine teeth problems If you’re a regular reader, you know all about the Age of PIE – the ongoing transition to an economic environment that has seen major corporations and institutions stumble and collapse under the disruption of advancing technology and the weight of their own greed. Though this has spelled disaster for many of those who relied on […]

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