Helping Out

Helping out, David T Rosen

I have to share this because there is a strong message here.

In 2014, I was watching the news about how a Canadian corporation was helping out the victims of a recent storm that struck Canada. They were handing out hundred dollar food cards to help those who lost food in the power outage; however, they ran out and many people didn’t get cards even after waiting for hours in line.

I was moved by the despair and wanted to help, because I remember what it was like not having a roof over my head or food. During those days when I didn’t have money many people helped me: Peter J, my cousin Stacy and her husband Terrence, and many others.

I had some money in my pocket because I was going to buy a sofa, then I thought about how lucky I am because the sofa I have may be little worn but it is very comfortable. So I decided to help a few people instead of getting that new sofa and went to the place where the people were hoping to get a food card.

I randomly approached people and initiated a conversation, I was touched because I met so many beautiful people and was blessed by their smiles.

I wasn’t looking for attention but a couple of the people that I helped found a news crew close by and told them what I had done. I’m posting it here not because I want your thanks but because I want you to see the smiles that kindness creates. To view the video, simply click here.

I was disappointed I couldn’t help everybody there, so I need your help: if you’re reading this and can help somebody today, please do. Random acts of kindness can make a difference.  Not only in 2019 but every day, we need to be kind.

May we all be blessed all the time!

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