Birds Of A Feather

Birds of a Feather, David T Rosen

Today’s lesson isn’t the easiest one, but it remains important. You have to take the time and spend the effort to choose your friends wisely, and don’t let them get in the way of your dreams. One thing I realized long ago is that I had to leave some friends behind in order to achieve the level of success I desired. At first it was tough to accept, but as I heard less and less negativity, I found my businesses growing and my learning curve accelerating.

To put it bluntly, the lesson I learned is that if I wanted to soar with the eagles I needed to learn to stop walking with the turkeys. It does sound harsh – heck, it IS harsh – but it’s just as harsh to have to deal with unsupportive friends, and quite simply, you don’t need it.

The takeaway: Develop friendships that inspire and move you to be better than you are now. True friends will be happy for your success!

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