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Find Your Pace

fake phentermine g pax If you’re like me (and you must be at least a little, if you’re walking the path to PIE), you are a highly motivated, self-starting individual. You have an unending drive for success. You are tenacious. You have a tendency to go-go-go, until you attain your goals. The word stop just isn’t in your vocabulary. […]

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Knowing The Law

phentermine hoarse voice You hear about it almost every day. Another company faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, brought forth by a former customer or employee. Another business owner facing charges for illegal practices (more often knowingly than not). Now fortunately, as a small business, your chances of being waylaid with a gigantic seven figure lawsuit are extremely […]

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Make The Most of Your Social Media Accounts

60 mg phentermine Social media is the single fastest growing method of staying connected with your client base. In today’s ultra-connected world, there is no better way to link up with your clients, providing them with useful information, and getting immediate feedback in return. But you know this already, I’ve written about it before. If you’ve been following […]

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Choosing Your Product: Identify A Need

lannett phentermine 1438 So you’ve decided to step out of the 9-5 world and take your first step on your path to PIE. You’re motivated. You’re focused. You feel ready for anything. You’re Muhammad Ali, and the world is Sonny Liston. You have a plan. You have a goal. You have absolutely no idea what you’re going to […]

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Staying Organized

phentermine chattanooga tn I want you all to think about a hypothetical situation. For some reason, the government has decided they want to audit your business. They want to see sales reports, payroll, the whole nine yards. There’s just one problem. All these necessary reports are scattered about your home office, strewn haphazardly across multiple areas on multiple […]

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