The Online Business Revolution

It is no exaggeration to say that the Internet is one of the most disruptive inventions in human history, and is completely indispensable in modern life. Through the advent of the Internet, the world has become connected like never before, and with that connection comes endless business opportunities ripe for the picking. Countless companies have risen from the from the online world to revolutionize entire industries. For example:

Amazon took online shopping, already a growing market, and applied technological innovation to make it simpler and easier than ever. With a global network of sites, rapid turnaround, and low overhead, Amazon has been able to price their products extremely competitively and dominate the online retail market.

iTunes flipped the entire music industry on its ear by providing a one-stop shop for almost any song you can think of, and many more you never knew existed. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that in the near future iTunes and other digital music stores will replace the current physical media standard of compact discs entirely.

Kickstarter (a useful tool for anyone looking to diversify their business or just starting out on the path to Personal, Independent Earnings) made it easier than ever for a person with an idea to bring it to life, through crowdfunding. Several projects funded through Kickstarter have raised millions of dollars in days, the most successful of which are the Pebble Smartwatch, and Double Fine Adventure.

Netflix put an entire library of movies, television shows, and other visual media at your fingertips whenever you want, for the cost of a single movie rental a month. Attempts to copy the service by brick and mortar video rental services such as Blockbuster met with failure, eventually leading to their demise –

And finally Steam, a digital download service for PC/Mac games, took the hassle of going out to a specialized store to purchase a physical copy and turned it into the work of a few mouse clicks. Their success has led to every major gaming console developer incorporating digital distribution into their systems. One company even launched a console that eliminated physical media entirely.

Shopping, music, fundraising, film, and gaming, have all been changed irrevocably. These five companies are just some of the many online businesses that have risen through the use of the worldwide connectivity of the Internet to become powerhouses in their respective industries. The application of digital delivery has led to such drastic reductions in overhead, and such incredible improvements in speed and consistency of distribution, that physical businesses simply cannot compete.

With these examples in mind, it becomes apparent that having a strong online presence is of the utmost importance to any business, of any size. The online market is the biggest in the world, because it encompasses the entire world – it is truly global. Your path to Personal Independent Earnings can be accelerated by maximizing your online potential – which can, in turn, maximize your earnings.