Change Your Future, Change The World

Change Your Future, Change The World, David T Rosen, Marketing Expert

Sir Francis Drake, the famous explorer, bore this coat of arms with the latin phrase “Sic Parvis Magna.” Translated to English, it means “Greatness From Small Beginnings.”

How many times over the course of human history has true greatness come from small beginnings? How many times has an idea from a single person or small group gone on to change the world? As it turns out, quite a few.

The telephone is one of the most widely known examples. While its invention is mired in controversy due to the idea of voice transmission through a wire being worked on and then expanded upon by several people, the man who invented the first practical telephone was Alexander Graham Bell, partly using technology developed by another notable inventor, Thomas Edison. The telephone was an idea that changed the world forever. The original wired telephone paved the way for cell phones and the Internet. This trio of communications innovations has changed the landscape of the world forever, making us more connected than ever before. And in a very real sense, it all stemmed from one guy taking an idea and running with it.

Speaking of Thomas Edison, he’s responsible for a few other things besides the receiver used in Bell’s telephone. Perhaps you might have heard of them. The light bulb. The modern fluoroscope (the fundamental design is still in use). Edison was an inventing machine.  While somebody else might have come up with the same ideas eventually – many Edison’s inventions existed in some form prior, though it was his work that made them practical – it is pretty safe to say we would have been lighting our houses with candles and medical science would have been put back years had it not been for Edison’s work.  One man with a wide range of ideas that changed the world forever.

These great men and their work should be an example to you as you strive to build your own future, to attain and maximize your Personal Independent Earnings. The work you do today, your ideas and dreams, are not inconsequential. It is the people who take action, who implement their ideas and chase their dreams, who change the world.  Keep that thought in your mind, through both good times and bad, and you will find success – and, perhaps, greatness.

Sic Parvis Magna. Greatness From Small Beginnings.

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