You Should Be Blogging

Every major company and personality has a blog these days. And why wouldn’t we? It’s modern broadcasting, putting out your message and thoughts to wide audience at the click of a button. But there are more reasons than just communicating to have a blog.

For one, credibility. A blog is seen as an integral part of a fully functioning website; if your site lacks a blog, some may question just how much effort you’re putting in. A well-thought out blog with plenty of good information, on the other hand, lets people see how much knowledge you have on the topic, which is plenty reassuring for those who don’t yet know you and can be a valuable resource for people on the hunt for information.

A regularly updated blog also gives your website a higher rating with Google and other search engines. Quality content is well-regarded by Google’s algorithm, and priority is also given to more recent information. Keeping your blog updated is going to ensure that people searching in your industry have the best chance of finding you and your site.

Finally, a blog also gives you a quotable database for reporters, students, and other dataminers to draw from. Establishing yourself as a leader means making it easy for people to follow you; getting your thoughts into circulation is an essential step on that road. There’s simply no reason you shouldn’t be taking the time to keep your blog up to date, even if it’s no more than once every week or two.

Now go get to writing!