Treat Yourself, You’ve Earned It

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, there’s a good chance that you’ve received a lot of helpful advice, and hopefully put it to work making you money. First of all, congratulations! I’m glad to have been able to lend a helping hand on your road to personal independent earnings. You making money all on your own with no boss telling you what to do makes me happy. Very happy.

So now that you’ve got money in your pocket and a business or two on the go bringing even more in, what do you do with it all? Well first of all, pay your bills and expenses. Those are kind of important.  But if you’ve been following our advice and budgeting correctly, those should be taken care of.

You could invest back into your business, by increasing your online presence, or searching out new and handy tools and technology that could make your life a little easier. We actually offer a great suite of tools that you may find extremely helpful.

You could diversify your business. This is definitely a good idea.  After all, giving your business a broader appeal means more potential income for you. More money’s a tough thing to say no to.

You could examine other opportunities that have come up along the way and see if you’re able to take another one on. Once again, more money is a great thing. My 1000aweekforlife program is a great opportunity worth looking in to, that has the potential to make you quite a lot of money quite quickly.

There’s no question that all of these are fantastic ideas, and you should absolutely look into all of them. After all, they are all previous posts on this site. But I’d like to put forth a different idea for when all that’s done. One that might be a little wild and crazy, coming from a site dedicated to making you money. Here goes.

Spend your money.

Buy yourself something. Get yourself a treat. After all, you’ve been working your tail off all this time to get up, running, and profitable, why shouldn’t you reward yourself? The answer is, well, you should. To quote an old movie, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This applies even if your name isn’t Jack.

So go ahead, buy that new TV you’ve been eyeballing. Buy a Playstation 3. If you’ve been doing really well,  buy a new car. Buy a house. Buy whatever you feel like. Take a vacation somewhere tropical. The important thing here is not what you buy, but that you treat yourself to something you want. Something that you will enjoy. Working yourself hard without being able to reap the benefits will make all that work you’ve been doing feel like….well…work. And anyone who’s ever had a 9-5 can tell you, when work starts to feel like work, work starts to feel pretty awful indeed.

So every now and then, when things are going well, you’ve got some extra money, and  you’ve finished looking into ways to increase your earnings, go ahead and reward yourself for a job well done. Treat yourself. It’s okay, you have my permission.

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