Top of The Line = Top of Your Game

Technology is progressing at an insanely fast rate. Since starting this blog the software we use has gone through multiple iterations, each bringing with it new and ever more useful features, allowing us to do more, and in turn, give you more.

Think about this for a second. High speed internet was a new and exciting thing a scant twelve years ago. Now it’s in almost every home in North America. Thirty years ago, many personal computers (such as the Commodore 64) completely lacked an operating system (DOS didn’t exist until 1981) and struggled with even the most menial tasks. Now, with the right software, you can create an entire movie, piece of music, and so many other things on one, and your computer won’t even blink at it. The first handheld mobile phone (Motorola‘s DynaTAC 8000x) was released in 1983, and weighed over two pounds. Modern mobile phones are essentially handheld computers, and are comparable in weight to a simple pack of playing cards.

Look at technology then, about three decades ago. Look at technology now. The difference is staggering. And it just keeps going. Glasses-less 3D imagery is possible (and available at electronic stores near you thanks to Nintendo’s 3DS handheld gaming console). Holographic keyboards are commercially available. We still haven’t got around to hoverboards yet, but it’s a safe bet somebody, somewhere is working on it.

Technology is evolving almost too quickly to keep up with, but keep up with it you must. With every bit of new tech on the market comes not only applications in the home, but in business as well.  Every day new technology is being put out to market that could help you and your business grow and improve, and in order to maximize your earning potential and grab the biggest slice of PIE, it is imperative that you keep up with all of it. That latest gadget might be just the thing you need to ease your workload just a tiniest bit, allowing you to explore a new business opportunity, or make an idea you’ve had floating around in your head a reality.

There are literally hundreds of ways to improve your business (which we will try and cover on this blog, after all, we’re here to help you make money), and this small piece of advice is one of them. In fact, in today’s world it’s one of the most important pieces of advice we can give. Keeping up with the latest and greatest top of the line tech can keep you at the top of your game, which in turn can put you at the top of a very large pile of money.

And who doesn’t want that?