Keep An Open Mind

Every second of every day, the world around us is changing at what can only be described as an alarming rate. In the world of technology, for example, the common household items of today were the stuff of science fiction only a decade or two ago. Don’t believe me? Look at the prevalence of touchscreen interfaces, tablet computers, and smartphones. Now go watch a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Notice anything? All of the consoles are touch based, tablet computers are everywhere, and the Tricorder, a long standing mainstay of Star Trek technology, isn’t much more advanced than a smartphone. Now think about this. Star Trek: TNG was set in the 24th century, over 300 years from now. The writers of the show thought that this would be the kind of technology we’d have available more than three centuries in the future, but you can get all of it right now, today, with a quick trip to your local electronics retailer. Well, except the holodeck. We’re all still waiting for that one.

But keeping up with rapidly advancing technology is something I’ve covered here before. It’s just one aspect of the world that’s in a constant state of flux (albeit the most easily demonstrable). With the constant ebb and flow of the world comes rapid changes to every part of life, and that holds especially true for the world of business. That’s why it’s important for all of us to keep an open mind, an ear to the ground, and learn to adapt and evolve with the constant changes around us in order to survive and be successful.

New techniques for running and marketing a business pop up on a nearly daily basis, and these are all things every business should embrace with open arms. Social media, another popular topic around here, didn’t exist to the degree it does now a couple decades ago. Twitter, Facebook, neither of these existed. Now they’re as important a part of any business as your telephone number. Marketing techniques that were unheard of not all that long ago are the order of the day in today’s world. Viral marketing, the marketing style du jour, is a creation of the past two decades, and one of the most effective strategies for marketing a business or product going, when done correctly. These are just a couple of ways that business has changed in the recent past, that all businesses have had to adapt to or risk going under.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well I say, it’s a good thing you, my self-employed, self-starter, PIE seeking friends, are not dogs. Though if you are, congratulations are in order for reaching human level intelligence, and kudos to you for deciding to start a business. For those of you who aren’t hyper-intelligent canines, you have an advantage here. That saying doesn’t apply to you. You can learn new tricks. And you must. The only way to succeed in today’s world is to be adaptable, to evolve and change with the times, to keep your mind open to new and exciting ways of improving your business and the way it operates. Do this and I promise you, your chances of maximum Personal Independent Earnings will be drastically improved.

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