Celebrate Your Independence

First of all, let us start off by saying a very happy Independence Day to all of our American friends and readers out there! Hopefully you’re all out enjoying the fine July weather, a barbecue, and some of the excellent fireworks that we discussed on Monday (and hopefully learning a lesson or two from them, even if the concept is a bit out there).

For those of you that have taken the time to stop by, let me first thank you for taking the time out of a busy holiday to check in with us to see if we have any worthwhile advice to get you maximizing your earning potential and getting yourself a bigger piece of PIE.  And while we’re on the topic, I hope at some point today you get to enjoy the fine American tradition of delicious fresh baked apple pie. We all love pie here, both the baked and Personal Independent Earnings variety, and we sincerely hope you do too.

Today’s post isn’t so much about tips and tricks to maximizing your income, but more about taking a look back at what you’ve accomplished since you took your first step towards selling your time to yourself instead of others. When you’ve decided to head off into the wild green yonder to find your own path, you have done something that many people will never do. You have become completely independent. A slave to no one. Your future is in your hands. Much like the founding fathers of the United States, who lets be honest here, had very little idea what they were doing when they won independence from the British, what happens next is entirely up to you. Having so many options and no one to answer to but yourself can be a scary thought, to be sure.

But it doesn’t have to be a thing to be feared. No, not at all. It should be a thing to be celebrated.  You are your own man (or woman) now. You control your destiny. Nobody else but you. If you try, and you fail, yes, that’s on you. But if you succeed (and make no mistake, you will almost certainly enjoy your fair share of success), that’s all on you too. You did that yourself. And you did that because like the Americans of old, you decided you were sick of working for somebody else and wanted to become independent.

And that is exactly what you did. And you should be commended for it. So while you’re out enjoying the festivities of today’s holiday, raise a glass and enjoy the show. Pretend all those fireworks going off are for you, because you did something that many will never did. You became independent, you struck out on your own, and that is definitely something to be celebrated.

So on behalf of all of us here, raise a glass and toast yourself for all you’ve done up to now, and all you will do in the future. You deserve it.

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