You’re A Firework, Show The World Your Worth

You're A Firework, Show The World Your Worth, David T Rosen

Last week I spoke about holidays, and the importance of taking the time to enjoy them as your 9-5 brothers and sisters do.  This week, both Canada and the United States celebrate the birth of our respective countries. And to quote a popular television series, “what better way to celebrate the birth of your country than by blowing up a small part of it.”

This of course means fireworks, which it’s a safe bet almost everyone reading this enjoys to some degree.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of cues you can take from fireworks that you can then apply to your quest for Personal Independent Earnings.

Fireworks are explosive, dynamic and attention grabbing. These are actually personality traits that you’ll want to exude in all of your business dealings. Explosiveness can mean when dealing with prospective business associates, you want to come out hard, strong, and confident.  To be dynamic is to be adaptable, quick on your feet, and full of surprises. Everyone likes surprises, especially when they’re the type that can make them money. And as for attention grabbing, that’s something we touched on in a previous post back in May. Be creative, grab people’s attention, and don’t let it go. You may only get one shot at convincing people your ideas and propositions are sound, so be sure to do it in a way that gets them talking and thinking. You may not succeed on your first attempt, but if you make a solid enough impression and earn yourself a second, you’ll have a solid foundation upon which to build, as they’ve already got your ideas floating around in their heads.

Suddenly the firework analogy sounds a lot less silly than it did at the start of this post, doesn’t it?

So in all of your business dealings, think back to the fireworks that will be popping off all over North America over the next few days, and try to emulate them. There’s a lot to learn from all those colored explosives going off in the sky, lessons that you can use to show anyone you have any kind of business dealings with (and indeed, people in your day to day life) your worth as both a business associate and a person. Admittedly, it is a fairly cheesy analogy, especially with a post title lifted verbatim from a Katy Perry song, but trust me. Follow this easy advice, and I believe you’ll find the results will be positive.

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