You ARE Self-Employed

You’ve probably noticed that we’re big on self-employment around these parts. We know from experience that there is no surer or swifter path to true financial security and independence than securing your own Personal Independent Income, and we’re passionate about sharing that freedom and security with the world at large.

However, it is perfectly natural to have doubts. You might think that self-employment is too much work. You might think that it’s too risky to take the plunge away from the traditional 9-to-5 job. You might just have no idea where to start. That’s ok! The key to resolving any issue is to getting a firm understanding of the true state of affairs and then make your decisions accordingly. And the truth is – you’re already self-employed.

Let’s say you go to work every Monday through Friday. You’ve got a steady set of tasks, a regular paycheck, a pyramid of bosses, and a bevy of coworkers all doing the same sort of things. Each of those takes a certain amount of control over your life and career, and can easily yield the impression that you are not self-employed but are instead “working for” a company or person or team. But that’s no different from working for a client or customer in your own business; the control they wield is control that you have given them by virtue of the decisions you’ve made. You’re in business for yourself; you’ve just limited yourself to one client, at one rate of pay. That’s risky, in this age of downsizing and cutbacks. For you, a “steady” job is the means to earn your living, but to a corporation, a job is an expense that should be trimmed or cut as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Offering your work to just one corporate client (which is all a traditional job represents) is putting your entire earnings at the mercy of an entity that is, by its very nature, seeking to use you until it can milk no more value from the relationship and then discard you for a less expensive outlay. Some job security that is!

More than that, such a restricted business relationship severs the connection between your productivity and your rewards. All of the wealth your work creates is handed over to your employer, which then dispenses whatever rate of pay it negotiated with you, regardless of how much value it extracts from your work. This reduces your ultimate gains and, just as worrisome, can condition you to accept that your rate of pay should only increase incrementally, and only when somebody else tells you you’re allowed to increase it. Where’s the incentive to work harder there? Where’s the incentive to not only achieve, but excel? How far can you really get by restricting all of your revenue sources to one completely controlling business interaction?

That’s why we don’t just say we’re self-employed; we also say we have personal and independent earnings to truly secure our financial strategy. “Personal” because every dollar we earn is directly connected to our own personal experiences and input; “independent” because we do not yield control to any other entity except through voluntary association in a client, customer, or team relationship. No corporate overhead to cover, no bosses to answer to other than our own motivations. It is these personal and independent earnings that can best enable you to find not only financial freedom, but employment freedom as well, working for yourself to achieve your goals and your dreams in your time and in your way.

Now that’s job security!

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