Why We Do What We Do

Hello everyone! By the time this post reaches you, I will either be at the airport, or on a plane on my way back from the Dominican Republic. Some of my team and I have been down here since Tuesday, enjoying a short working vacation. I’m sure some of you are now sitting there right now, looking outside in the cold and wind, maybe even snow, and cursing our names in jealousy.

But, I ask you, why?

What’s stopping you from doing the exact same thing?

I’ve talked extensively about the how to achieve personal financial freedom, to attain the maximum Personal Independent Earnings you can. But a topic I’ve only covered a handful of times, is why.

The reasons are as numerous as the number of zeroes I personally want you all to have in your bank accounts. But perhaps the most important boils down to one simple concept, and it’s one I’ve actually talked about before. But it’s so important to this path that we’re all on, that we’re going to talk about it again.


Yes, freedom. The freedom to work on what you want, when you want. The freedom to not work when you don’t feel like it.  The freedom to put as much or as little of your valuable time and effort into your work as you choose. The freedom to take a quick jaunt to a tropical paradise with some of your team and get up to all sorts of shenanigans in between periods of work, practically on a whim. I only regret I can’t fill you all in on what we got up to while we were away, as this blog was written earlier in the week to make sure it was posted today, though I feel I can safely assure you we had a very good time.

We have worked hard (at times, probably too hard) to give ourselves the freedom to do things like this. And you can have that very same freedom. That’s why you’re self-employed. That’s why you’re here reading this blog. That’s why you broke away from the shackles of the 9-5 world and struck out on your own. You wanted freedom. But freedom isn’t free (nor does, as some of my younger readers will no doubt be thinking, does it cost a buck oh nine, a reference I’ll spare you from linking to as it’s from a very mature film by the creators of the popular television series South Park). If you put in the time, make smart decisions, grow your business, and grow your PIE, you won’t have to be sitting there in chair looking out the window wishing you were someplace much warmer. You could be right here with me on the beach, enjoying a margarita (and helping me search for my lost shaker of salt).

You have the tools, you have the motivation, you have everything you need to achieve the freedom to do anything you want. All you have to do is take it. See you on the beach, my friends!

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