Know Your Limits

In my last post, I touched on how to choose potential business opportunities after exploring your many options. The flip side of that equation, however, is just as important. While you’ll certainly want to try your hand at many different things to maximize your earning potential, discover your most enjoyable tasks, and get yourself the largest possible piece of PIE, it’s important to remember not to overextend yourself.

The temptation to jump on a whole bunch of potential opportunities at the same time is great. After all, you like money. Everybody likes money. Even people who say they don’t like money secretly like money. Unfortunate or not, It’s the backbone of our society. It makes the world go ‘round. In today’s world, it has become the fifth necessity to life, alongside air, food, water, and shelter. Especially considering you need it to obtain three of the other necessities (though believe me, if somebody could find a way to charge for air, they would).

But you have to remember that all of you reading this are only human, and that means you have limits. Having your finger in too many pies (the normal, metaphorical kind in this case) can lead to undue stress – likely the exact reason you wanted to give up your life as an everyday 9-5er in the first place. In far more extreme cases that stress can in turn lead to anxiety problems, ulcers, and general unhappiness with life. None of these are favorable outcomes (and anxiety problems are actually very common).

You have to remember that it is your life, and your hours are yours. You are in command. You are in charge. You have no boss to answer to but yourself. Not anymore. And while workaholics are successaholics, it’s very important not to push yourself too hard and end up spreading yourself too thin. There’s no one pushing you to work to the point of undue stress but you, and why would you do that to yourself?

There are plenty of ways to make money out there, and you should definitely try your hand at as many as you can. The key words there being “as many as you can.” If you’re already finding yourself working hard on your current endeavors with no time to relax and decompress, hold off on picking up any new ones until you have the time and can devote the necessary attention to it. Otherwise, you’ll just stress yourself out, which will affect your quality of work, your quality of life, and your ability to secure your financial freedom. And those are the things we’re all here for, aren’t they?

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