Get Up Earlier. Sorry.

Get Up Earlier. Sorry, David T Rosen

Yeah, I know. You didn’t want to hear this one. All the big business blogs and journals talk about how the most successful get more done by noon than most people do all day, and they do it by getting up earlier than the rest of us. It sure sounds impressive – and let’s face it, it is impressive.

It’s also true.

I like my sleep as much as the next guy, but what I like more is getting things done. Waking up early comes with numerous benefits. For one, you’re unlikely to be bothered – do you have any idea how many distractions there are during the average business day? Text messages, phone calls, emails, visitors, appointments, errands… it’s a wonder you get anything done! And the fact is, you often don’t get anything done during business hours. You’re too busy being reactive to be proactive about your own goals. Waking up early – really early -gives you hours to yourself to work on your own goals.

This is a little more ephemeral, but as an early riser myself, I have also noticed that there is simply a relaxation of pressure in the early morning hours. Nobody is expecting anything of you, and mentally you feel ready to face the day. What’s more, I’ve noticed that being alert, awake, and ready to work before the sun comes up just makes me feel productive – a productivity that carries over into my work.

Maybe the reasons are hard to define, but the results are impossible to deny – get out of bed early and get to work. You’ll thank yourself later.

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