Focus On The Big Wins

It’s a fact of life that there’s always more work to be done. It wouldn’t be hard to spend all your waking hours working on your business, and in fact many entrepreneurs do just that – often experiencing serious burnout when they push it too far. It feels good to be hard at work, and entrepreneurs often seem to wear their sleepless nights like badges of honour as a signal of just how hard they’re working.

It’s as though they’ve all forgotten one of the simple lessons we all learn early through cliches and aphorisms – “work smarter, not harder”. That’s not to say that hard work isn’t valuable or necessary. It is. But smart work is more valuable in the long run. There are only so many hours in the day, after all. By focusing on the big wins, and getting the maximum impact for the amount of work you put in, you’re ensuring that you get the best utility out of each of those hours.

Automating your work is one great way to maximize your hourly utility. You can use apps that automate your scheduling to reduce confusion. However you choose to do it, your focus on getting the most “bang for your buck” will be an essential component of long-term success. A burned-out entrepreneur doesn’t do anybody any good. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you – focus on your big wins, and get to work.