COVID-19 – How Can Cooperative Crowdfunding Help?

The entire world is currently facing an abundance of strife and there does not seem to be an end in sight, due to COVID-19 – also known as the Corona Virus. People have lost their jobs through being laid off, or in some cases fired. People are unsure as to how they are going to pay their bills for the remainder of the month, let alone the year. They are uncertain as to whether they will have a home tomorrow, telephone and internet to place calls and to stay connected, food to place on their tables and money to purchase prescriptions with, in the absence of health insurance. The current state of the world is taking a toll on the state of our mental health, our pockets, our relationships and our daily routines – not to mention our peace of mind.

Governments across the world have implemented various forms of financial support for citizens, through calling for rent and mortgage, credit and insurance relief, alongside some country’s providing temporary emergency financial assistance programs. For instance, Canada has began to offer $2000 to those who lost their job due to COVID-19, however – there are an abundance of stipulations that come with it. The United States government has provided a one-time $1200 payment to its citizens and again, this payment comes with stipulations and it is paid out only once. These financial relief/support programs are not taking into account the high cost of living and all the day to day expenses that life delivers to us every, single day. What about $1800/month rent costs- for those residing in countries where rent is not on hold? $400 grocery trips for families of 5 or 6? Prescriptions? Internet and phone bills? Emergency funds? Personal hygiene items? Where do these funds come from? Due to the high cost of living, many individuals are living paycheck to paycheck and do not have the luxury of having money at their disposal, to live comfortable lives without being employed.

Here’s where Cooperative Crowdfunding can be of assistance.

I have developed what I believe is a system that will have the greatest global impact, RIGHT NOW. CoopCrowd is the world’s first Cooperative Crowdfunding System, designed to help individuals, charities and businesses raise money for everything! 

CoopCrowd can assist people escape a time where poverty has the potential to take over. Let’s not allow it to win! This new, innovative system can help all individuals, not-for-profits, charities and businesses cooperatively raise money for everything, enabling individuals from all walks of life enjoy their full measure of happiness. Cooperatively, you can raise funds for ALL of your daily essentials. Businesses can raise funds to stay afloat. Not-for-profits can raise funds to pour back into the community; the possibilities are endless! It has entirely redesigned everything about how and what you can use crowdfunding for, utilizing the universal laws of giving, sharing and receiving. With a one-time donation, a few clicks of your mouse or on your phone and three individuals that want to acquire the benefits as well, you can be on your way to financial freedom.

Happiness happens on purpose and starts with you!