CoopCrowd – The World’s First Cooperative Crowdfunding System!

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What is CoopCrowd?

CoopCrowd is a proprietary platform that allows members to effectively donate or raise funds based on their needs. Unlike the multitude of other crowdfunding organizations that are available, CoopCrowd offers several distinct advantages that become instantly apparent as soon as one understands what sets it apart.

A Simple Way For…

Founded by myself- an expert in crowdfunding (as evidenced by the fact that I created the world’s first global online crowdfunding system in 2002) CoopCrowd improves on the crowdfunding concept by being the world’s first cooperative crowdfunding system. It is a simple way for every individual, business, and not-for-profit organization, anywhere globally, to have access to a system, tools and support that will allow for the generation of financing.

Understanding the Value…

Understanding the value and the exceptional opportunity that this system presents means first understanding what crowdfunding and cooperative consist of. Crowdfunding is application of creating a small sum of money from a large number of people, commonly through the internet. A cooperative consists of a group of like-minded individuals that have agreed to come together to work towards a common purpose with the end goal being the advancement of the group as a whole.

Give, Share, Receive

The giving of an unconditional gift is always rewarded many times over by The Universal Laws that govern all of humanity.

-David T. Rosen

It is a widely held belief that a person attracts the energy that they send out into the universe. Many explain this marvel by paralleling Newton’s third law of motion; every action having an opposite and equal reaction. While Newton was referring to physical motion, anyone who routinely practices any of The Universal Laws can affirm that this law also applies to energy in a much broader sense.

If there was a simple, cost effective system that people could use to unburden themselves, from debt, from stress, from financial hardship wouldn’t it be worth the time to explore further?

Benefiting from CoopCrowd

CoopCrowd has already helped over 1,000,000 people and that number is growing.

Because it is different from the many other crowdfunding programs, allowing individuals to help others at the same time as they are helping themselves – the support system alone is revolutionary;

  • Every donation assists several other causes.
  • The individual is never alone.
  • Money can be received each and every day.
  • Everyone does a little to receive a lot!

The CoopCrowd System works in the following way:

  • When an individual gives a donation, they are set up with their own crowdfunding system that enables them to share it with friends and receive money for everything.
  • CoopCrowd then, in turn, does the same thing for friends that give a donation and so on, so that it is a victory for everybody, everywhere.
  • Website hosting, marketing tools, training and support are provided for just ten cents a day, and furthermore these amenities are offered for free in order to demonstrate the power of the system. Free services consist of joining and using the system, building your team and watching donations grow – all before committing.

The system is automatically set up for success – anything less and everyone struggles to accomplish the goals they have set out.

Discover the difference, discover what sets CoopCrowd apart.

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