Borrow The Wisdom You Need

Experience is the key to surviving in your path through the maze of regulations, computations, and tribulations that will face you when you set out on your own business venture. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, experience is what you get immediately after you needed it. That’s why it’s so important to borrow the wisdom of others – and that’s what mentoring is all about.

Mentoring is a time-honoured tradition in the business community. Because of the complexities involved in managing your own business, taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of those who have come before you is vital to easing the transition into self-employment and Personal, Independent Earnings. But how do you find a business mentor?

You should be looking, obviously, for people who have been successful in business (although there is plenty of value to be gleaned by learning lessons from failure, as well)

You should be looking for people who are committed to mentoring because they care, not because they feel like they have to or are just trying to burnish their credentials. You should be sure you’re working with mentors who understand the value of their role, as well as the importance of yours. And look for mentors who are honest about your work, even brutally honest – believe me, if you don’t hear it from them, you’ll hear it from your audience.

The reason I maintain this site is that I understand the value of mentoring and sharing my experience with the next generation of business leaders. I have made it my mission to contribute to the growth and success of those who are beginning their own business ventures for the first time, or those who may have attained some experience but not as much success as they desire. That’s the purpose of all of my work, from this blog to the collection of business mentors and leaders I’ve assembled to help those looking for additional support. But whether you seek your knowledge here or elsewhere, it should be clear that there is simply no substitute for the wisdom that experience brings – and you should plan accordingly.

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