Be Confident!

The title really says it all, doesn’t it? There have been numerous studies done over the years that people are more likely to listen to someone who exudes an air of confidence. This is actually proven scientific fact. So it should be a bit of a no-brainer that this is something you should be doing at all times, to go along with your consummate professionalism, leadership skillssense of timing, organizational skills, and all of the other well developed traits of a successful businessperson I’ve been helping you cultivate all these months.

Let’s run through two scenarios, shall we?

In the first, a gentlemen who we’ll call Steve (the first name that popped into my head), is approaching the higher-ups of a relatively large company in order to pitch a product he has recently developed to them. Steve knows that his product could be a huge boon to the company, improving their overall productivity by a substantial margin, if only they’ll buy it from him. Steve also stands to make a tidy sum in the process. A lot is riding on this deal, so Steve is understandably quite nervous, and it shows. He’s stuttering, his eyes are darting everywhere, he’s fidgeting, playing with his hands, and generally looking (and acting) like a nervous wreck. It shows. A lot.

Steve doesn’t get the deal.

Now in our second scenario, another fellow (whom we’ll call Bill) approaches the same higher-ups of the same company, the following day. Bill’s product isn’t quite as good as Steve’s. While it will still provide an improvement, it’s not quite as drastic as Steve’s. Also, because of an extended research and development period, Bill has to charge more for his product. Bill however, is the business equivalent of a honey badger, and does not care one single bit. He walks into the meeting like he owns the place, and commands the room by speaking with confidence and authority. His voice is steady, his hands are steadier, his words carry the air of truth simply by being spoken with the utmost confidence.

Bill has won them over before they even take a look at the numbers. He gets the contract, makes a hefty sum, and goes on to his next project, with a quick stop in Tahiti along the way, just because he can.

Does this sound like kind of a drastic example to you? It’s not. It happens all the time. If you walk into a meeting with anyone and you’re acting like Steve, like a deer caught in the headlights that has had entirely too much caffeine that day, people will pick up on that. They will get the impression you don’t know what you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Not ideal. If on the other hand, you walk in like Bill, all confidence and swagger, not a trace of nervousness to be found, and a clear, concise presentation, your odds of success increase dramatically.

So walk tall my friends. Be as confident in yourselves as I am, and your path to PIE will be all the more lucrative for it.

Oh, before I go. I just realized I inadvertently named today’s examples after Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. That was entirely unintentional, and their behavior in my examples are in no way indicative of how they act (or in Steve’s case, acted) in real life. I assure you, they were both supremely confident men, and look where it got them!

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