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AGE OF PIE ” & “Personal, Independent Earnings

Today more than ever you need to attend symposiums to learn the business management strategies of the “Age Of PIE” & “Personal Independent Earnings”.

As we cautiously look ahead to 2020, it’s impossible to not feel the effects of the last few months of pandemic and economic upheaval on both the national and international level. More and more people are beginning to wonder what to make of it and how will they make it through to the end, or if there is even an end in sight. In fact, about the only thing economists can agree on is that this new emerging world economy is not the way it used to be, and will probably never be the same again.

So, in order to look ahead to plan for what appears to be an uncertain future, let’s see where things stand now in 3 key areas and look to possibly find a way to deal with it.

Personal Living

  • The cost of living is increasing so quickly it makes it difficult to save for the future
  • Traditional ways of investing (stocks, bonds etc.) for the future are too risky – nobody knows if companies and industries that exist today will be there tomorrow
  • Well-intended retirement savings are shrinking into the household operating budget for many juggling to pay for daily necessities and stay out of debt.

The Corporate World

  • Big business is laying people off in monstrous proportions with millions of jobs being lost on a monthly basis while fat-cat executives keep taking bigger bonuses
  • Greed and arrogance are the new corporate buzzwords all while the downsizing continues
  • There are no guarantees that the job and pension plan you have today will be here tomorrow — unemployment figures have more than doubled in recent years


  • At every level, governments are frantically trimming operating budgets and scrambling to find ways and means to provide and sustain essential services
  • Thousands of civil servant positions are being eliminated forever from jobs which, until recently, they always thought they would retire from – we all feel the effects daily in the reduced quality of service
  • Tax revenues continue to erode and spiral downward because, as unemployment rises, there’s fewer people paying income tax and buying taxable goods and services

So, what’s the answer?

Well, one thing is for sure: you cannot continue rely on the traditional built-in cushions and safeguards that have helped shape our society and thinking in the past.  If you want your piece of the pie, you have to change your thinking and start looking at things differently, very much in the same way our forefathers did when they left their old worlds behind. You need to:

Look ahead at what can be possible and stop dwelling on what isn’t.

You need to create our own ‘insurance policy’ by finding new ways to develop your own PIE, your own Personal Independent Earnings, so you and your family have and enjoy the security you need and deserve.

And, the good news is, we live in vibrant time where the availability and flow of information is at our fingertips — the market for goods and services is now worldwide, which means the opportunity for financial attainment and growth is unlimited for those who choose to go for it.

And, while the opportunity to chart your own course and realize your true earning potential has always been there for you to take – now, more than at any other time in our history, is the time to seize it, feel it and respond to it.

Having your own PIE is the Right Solution!

PIE is the insurance you need to have the future you want!

Go for it!

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