A Worthy Celebration

A Worthy Celebration, David T Rosen

As we climb ever faster into the Cooperative Age, I’ve dedicated my life to supporting those who seek to adapt to the new business conditions. As corporations struggle amongst each other by racing to the bottom, the individual entrepreneur takes his or her rightful place as the engine of the economic system. My mission is to support those individuals on their journey, and give each of them the tools they need to succeed.

That’s why it is such a privilege for me to take part in a celebration of the success of an intrepid individual and entrepreneur this evening at the Toronto International Film Festival. The event will honour the extremely talented independent director Ava Duvernay, the first African-American woman to win the coveted Sundance Best Director prize for her recent film “Middle of Nowhere.” Her achievements are an inspiration to all who seek to survive and thrive independently.

I’d like to congratulate Ms. Duvernay on her continued and anticipated future success,  and I am looking forward to joining in a well-deserved celebratory event this evening.

Keep an eye on the #TIFF hashtag, I’m sure we’ll be sharing stories and pictures all night!

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