A Bird In The Hand

What’s the best source of customers? Is it Facebook? Twitter? Old fashioned television commercials? Networking at industry events? Each of these avenues offers a number of advice columns, even whole books, instructing you on how to maximize their value, but which if your best source to begin with?

The answer may surprise you, as its none of the above. In fact, the best – and most overlook – source of customers is the pool of customers you’ve already served. This is a group that often gets overlooked in the hectic quest to find new customers, and yet there is nobody more likely to match up to your target demographic than those who have already found value in your service.

It is, therefore, the action of a wise entrepreneur to make the commercial experience as positive as possible for the returning customer. When you go out of your way to build a strong connection with your clients and customers, and when you make it easy for those people to find you again and find value in your work, you are making a sound investment in your future. Take your time, build a real relationship with your clients – no matter how transient the interaction – and stay on their radar with periodic reminders and special offers. These people should be your core marketing demographic. You already know they want what you have, and as the old saying goes – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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