7 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Website

Once you’ve gotten past the start-up phase of your online network marketing venture, you should experience a kind of settling-in period, where statistics can be monitored to determine the volume of traffic visiting your website. If you’re unsatisfied with those numbers, don’t be alarmed – it’s very common initially to experience such sluggish traffic.

That doesn’t mean you need to settle for it – there are some very positive steps you can take that should increase the number of visitors you have regularly, and that means increased business for you. Implement as many of these seven as you can, and you will become the beneficiary of the eighth and most powerful tool – Word of Mouth.

Use good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles.

The main thing to remember with SEO is to make good use of keywords on your website

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that typify your business, and include them naturally in text without over-stuffing them. If you over-do it, your search ranking can actually be lowered.

Make sure your web content is original and readable.

If anything on your website was copied, it will fail an originality test used by the major search engines, and your ranking will plummet to the bottom. But your web content needs to be more than original – it needs to be lively, engaging, and it needs to be in a very reader-friendly format.

Make use of the Social Media.

By posting to the social media and following others, you can be interacting with many people, who will then follow you as well. Once others become aware of what your home website is all about, you’ll find that they become built-in advertising for you.

Advertise your website.

The possibilities here are endless, and include modern methods as well as the tried-and-true forms of advertising like local newspapers and magazines. You can update that strategy by using e-zines to get out your message – write your own if you’re literarily inclined, and submit articles to other e-zines in which you can promote your site. Leave business cards around town, on local message boards.

Have regular giveaways.

A perfect promotion for your website would be to hold a drawing for all visitors to your site within a specific month – you might even want to conduct it as a monthly award to keep visitors coming back. Offer free services, classes, consulting, or seminars, all of which will highlight your business.

Keep your website relevant and current.

Don’t let your website sit dormant for weeks or even longer. Keep it updated with fresh content and news of activities within your business realm. If website visitors get the idea that nothing is happening on your website, your traffic will dwindle. Ideally you should be adding fresh content every few days, and certainly at least weekly.

Ensure the website itself appeals to viewers.

There are certain visual triggers on your website that turn viewers away or pull them in. Don’t over-crowd the pages – some whitespace is appealing and makes everything else on the page easier to digest. Any content should be presented in short, punchy paragraphs – long-winded text will send visitors scurrying elsewhere.

Highlight the important messages on your web pages, and keep backgrounds relatively clean to make these stand out. Do not make use of horizontal scrolling – very few people like it, and you are trying to appeal to your visitors, not yourself. Don’t overload your pages with graphics either – you need your web pages to load quickly. If they don’t, your visitors won’t be around long enough to see them.

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